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Mobile Mail Service

Mobile Mail is an Internet-based email system that you can access from a Web browser on a cellular phone.

Users can access Mobile Mail at mobilemail.yourdomain.tld, where "yourdomain.tld" is your domain personalized domain name. For example, if your domain is "", the address for accessing your email through a cell phone is "".

What Do I Need for Mobile Mail?

Any mobile device with Internet capability can access Skylark NetWorks Mobile Mail Service. This includes cellphones, smartphones, PDAs, Blackberry, and laptops. You can even access your mobile mail account from your home computer and ISP.

Who Can I Email? And Who Can Email Me?

You can send email to any email account without restrictions. Mobile mail operates like any email address or service you may have. Your friends don't need a special service to receive your messages.

For a small extra charge you can purchase additional mobile mail addresses with their own private passwords and PINs.

Anyone you share your mobile mail address can send you email messages using their own ISP or email service such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail, among others.

What Else Can I Do With Mobile Mail?

Mobile mail allows you to maintain a list of contacts and email addresses, and manage a calendar for tracking events and appointments. You also get free technical support and customer service 24/7.

How Do Get Started?

All you need is a personalized domain name from Skylark NetWorks. Or you can sign up for service and add it to any domain name you may already have.

You can sign up for service by contacting Skylark NetWorks by phone or email. You can contact us using the email form or phone numbers listed in the righthand sidebar. We'll contact you within 24 hours, or on a date and time that you specify.


Mobile service fees are $15 to $25 per year. Air and data time charges may apply.


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