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June 2008
  • June 30: Reported by Brian Krebs of the Washington Post:
    "Apple issued software updates to plug more than two dozen security holes in its OS X operating systems and various software applications.
    The company also issued a patch to fix a security vulnerability in Safari for the Mac (this issue was already addressed in a previous update for Windows XP and Vista versions of Safari). The updates are available through Apple Software Update or from Apple Downloads.
    Apple does not appear to have fixed the rather serious vulnerability in its Apple Remote Desktop program, which allows any program to run on a Mac user's machine without first prompting the user to enter his or her user name and password. Given that a team of hackers has now released a Trojan toolkit that can be used to seamlessly piggyback malicious software onto any downloadable application, I half expected Apple to fix that vulnerability, as the fix itself is fairly simple. If you're a Mac user and have been holding out for the company to fix this for you, it's probably best just to go ahead apply one of the simple fixes listed in this blog post from last month.
  • June 20: Mac OS X has a newly discovered "critical security threat" according to security vendor, SecureMac. The malicious code is being distributed from a hacker Web site, but can infect only Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5. Multiple variants of the Trojan enable a hacker to remotely control a Mac computer. Read more from Antone Gonsalves at and from SecureMac.
  • June 19: Firefox 3.0, the just-released popular browser update from Mozilla, has a "critical vulnerability" according to a research group operating on behalf of security firm TippingPoint. They have written a report and has presented that report to the Mozilla organization. Read more from Scott M. Fulton, III, at BetaNews and Mozilla.
  • June 17: "Osama Hanged" Hoax circulates again. Reported on our Email Hoaxes: How to Spot Them, How to Check Them page.
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